Covid-19 : It is with extreme regret  that all the 2020 markets/ shows that we were scheduled to participate  are now cancelled due to Covid-19.  Without a doubt, 2020 has so far been a very difficult year for all the businesses including independent artists like myself.  While everyone is doing the best to stay safe and afloat this year, we'd much appreciate if you continue to support us and other artists by shopping online.  Keep safe and healthy, hopefully we'll see you in person next year !  Best,   Yolanda  

 Enjoy Storewide 20% Off Everything. Apply Promo Code : STAYSAFE20 at check-out.  Thank you for supporting Handmade & our Small Business during this challenging time. 


Up Close and Personal Locket Necklaces

Capture those precious moments and keep your loved ones close to your heart at all time with these locket necklaces.  Not only are they stylish and practical, but they also make thoughtful gifts to give and to receive this holiday season. 

You can personalize the lockets with photos of your loved ones, travels or inspirational quotes or even small keepsakes, for instance, inside the Brass Purse Locket (last photo).

So if you are out looking for great gift ideas, check out the various styles of lockets in my shop. Search using key word LOCKET for more selections.  

P.S. Should you come across Watches in your search, you will be pleased to know many of my Watch Necklaces can in fact be used as photo lockets too ! 



Poetic Designs







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