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Inspiring Quotes

Sometimes when you're feeling down and uninspired, all it takes is just a few nice words to literally make your day .  That's how I feel and these are just some quotes I loved and transformed into wearable jewelry so that you too can enjoy ! 

A few years ago, I started making these lovely pendants by repurposing chandelier prisms & decoupaging images. They were instantly sold out at the shows and have became one of the  favorites.  The French love quote " Je t'aime plus qu'hier moins que demain " ( I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow "  by Rosemonde Gerard was inspired by the love quote charm from my Paris Collection.  "Carpe Diem" means 'Seize the day " in Latin, was inspired by the cushion pillow saying I got from a fellow artist at The mere physical presence of the words "Carpe Diem' is enough to serve as a reminder that life is precious and we should always seize the moment and enjoy life. So how could I not be inspired and share the joy with you. I'm may not be a poet or a writer, but I certainly hope to create designs to inspire the other free-spirited ,poetic souls like myself. 

Thanks for visiting my site and reading my blog.  Cheers !  


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