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Modern Romance Spring Awakening

It's so hard to define when exactly Winter ends and Spring begins these days. But no matter how chaotic the weather is, we know Spring will always come and re-awake our poetic senses sooner or later....

This is where the thought of Spring took flight recently in my studio with an assembly of some gold and silver wires, glass pearls, and delicate gold orchid accents and voila : A Modern Romance Collection of  a mix and matchable,  light and airy wired bangle Bracelets and Rings. 


Not only are these new designs perfect for Spring, they are also great for Mother's Day and Vintage Wedding Bridesmaids Gifts. They are now available in my shop and will also be available next in person  on May 7th, 2016  at the Blossom and Bloom Show in Toronto. 

Cheers & Happy Spring ! 



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