Covid-19 : It is with extreme regret  that all the 2020 markets/ shows that we were scheduled to participate  are now cancelled due to Covid-19.  Without a doubt, 2020 has so far been a very difficult year for all the businesses including independent artists like myself.  While everyone is doing the best to stay safe and afloat this year, we'd much appreciate if you continue to support us and other artists by shopping online.  Keep safe and healthy, hopefully we'll see you in person next year !  Best,   Yolanda  

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Salut Paris !

With Spring comes hope and renewal, as with Paris, comes love and romance. Like many of you, I had also fallen victim to this enchanting City of Light. Although, I'd been to Paris many times and experienced its beauty through different seasons, there is just something about it I can't seem to shake off. We are so captivated by its beauty, history, arts and culture that led us to develop an uncurable desire to reconnect. So here is a glimpse of my obsession ...  

Salut !  Cheers,  Yolanda 

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